Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Hot-Spotting blog site

Featured in the Australian, Herald Sun, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age, the West Australian, the Advertiser, Good Reading Magazine (Feb '08 edition), regional newspapers and special interest publications.

Listen to the ABC Radio National interview with Tim Costello, Richard Aedy and Rod Reeve (22 Oct 2007) on
Listen to the ABC Radio Nightlife interview with Tony Delroy, Julia Newton-Howse (CEO CARE Australia) and Rod Reeve (31 October 2007) on
Listen to theABC Radio Nightlife interview with Tony Delory (28 May 2008) discussing "Is there any limit to international aid"
This site is supported by my recently released book entitled "Hot-Spotting: an Australian delivering foreign aid".

Published by Wakefield Press. 330 pp

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Travelling to Work
Chapter 2 Living with Saddam
Chapter 3 Opium Jive in Pakistan
Chapter 4 Exodus from Jordan
Chapter 5 Planes, trains, tuk-tuks and taxis
Chapter 6 The Language of Laos
Chapter 7 Indonesia's Person Power
Chapter 8 Protecting Papua New Guinea's Paradise
Chapter 9 East of the Bali Bombs
Chapter 10 Back to Baghdad
Chapter 11 Aid and the Indian Ocean Tsunami
Chapter 12 Making Poverty History?
Selected References